Musicians Promote Forest Conservation

Sting and his wife, actress Trudie Styler, will be joined by some big names on April 17 for the biennial Rainforest Fund Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall. Paul Simon will join James Taylor, Dionne Warwick, Ivy Levan, trumpeter Chris Botti and opera singer Renée Fleming in campaigning for environmental conservation and to help the indigenous people who live in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and over 20 other countries.

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“This year is the Rainforest Fund’s 25th anniversary,” Styler and Sting said in a statement. “Its work to protect rainforests around the globe for the people who live there and for all of us is more important than ever.”

The Rainforest Foundation Fund is a charitable foundation dedicated to the preservation of the rainforest and the rights of the indigenous peoples living there. 

The fund supports the field-based projects of its three sister organizations:

  • Rainforest Foundation UK, whose work focuses in Africa;
  • Rainforest Foundation US, whose work focuses in Central and South America; and 
  • Rainforest Foundation Norway, whose work focuses in Southeast Asia; though all three organizations have projects worldwide.

The fund works by granting money via these three organizations, and other NGOs, to programs and projects on the ground that support the attempts of indigenous rainforest peoples to assert and defend their rights, to define and promote sustainable development in their communities, and to challenge the activities and practices of governments or other entities which damage their environment and lands. The programs and projects are developed in partnership with local communities and representative indigenous NGOs.

Deforestation is contributing to global warming and climate change. It’s also contributing to the loss of biodiversity.

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Sacred Seedlings is a global initiative to support forest conservationreforestationurban forestrycarbon capture, sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation. Sustainable land management is critical to the survival of entire ecosystemsSacred Seedlings is a charitable division of Crossbow Communications.