Forest Conservation Nigeria

Sacred Seedlings is proud to announce a new agroforestry program in Nigeria in cooperation with the Wise Administration of Terrestrial Environment and Resources (WATER). The group proposes an agroforestry project to help prevent deforestation and forest degradation. The agroforestry activities will include:

deforestation and global warming
  • development of nursery sites;
  • procurement of seedlings;
  • raising of economic trees of cocoa, bush mango, avocado, kola nut, pear and tropical trees seedlings;
  • development of the lands;
  • intercrop raised seedlings with food crop of plantain, banana, yam, cassava;
  • manage the agroforestry, monitor and evaluate activities.

The project initially will cover 100 hectares of agroforestry. It will expand as possible over time. This project will involve all local stakeholders who support this strategy as a means to restore lands and boost food security, while developing the community.

Forest conservation will reduce vulnerability to climate-related stresses or mitigate climate change through protecting forests.

It also will contribute to environmental conservation, wildlife protection, and sustainable natural resource management; environmental justice and enhance collaboration with local and regional government authorities. (Full proposal available upon request.)

reforestation and climate change solution

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