Deforestation Threatens Critical Ecosystems Across Africa

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Campaign Will Help Reforest Kilimanjaro Region Ecosystems around the world are under assault like never before. The collapse of any ecosystem impacts life around the world–especially when the ecosystem is an anchor in Africa’s greenbelt. The greater Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania and Kenya is one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet. Millions of people and

Kilimanjaro Ecosystem Facing Uphill Battle

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Editor’s Note: The environmental and humanitarian problems in the Kilimanjaro region are spreading across Eastern Africa. We are working with local stakeholders to reverse the damage and save the region for future generations. For more information, please click on “East Africa Plan” on the menu bar above.   Plans Ready To Help Save Kilimanjaro Region

Tanzanians Hope To Restore Kazimzumbwi Forest

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National Forest Destroyed MAZINGIRA Network of Tanzania (MANET) has called upon the government and other stakeholders to make a joint strategy to restore the destructed 98 percent of the Kazimzumbwi National Forest. Kazimzumbwi is a national forest reserve in the west of Dar es Salaam at Ilala Municipal in Chanika County which has eight villages

Deforestation Accelerating In Tanzania

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Reforestation Vital To East Africa’s Future Forests in Tanzania could disappear within decades, it was learned last week from a regular source in Arusha, if not checked immediately and massive reforestation undertaken. According to the source, Tanzania presently has over 400,000 hectares of forests, but the loss of forest cover has been extensive over the past