Palm Oil Plantations vs. Biodiversity

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Palm Oil Plantations Do Not Tolerate Wildlife By Melati Kaye, Scientific American and Mongabay I have been hiking through an oil palm plantation in Borneo for hours but have yet to see a single oil palm. Instead, mahogany and other native tree species tower overhead. Mushrooms, flowers and huge pitcher plants line my trail, uniquely

Corporations Plan To Destroy Remaining Orangutan Habitat

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Editor’s Note: If Indonesia and Malaysia plan to industrialize the entire islands of Borneo and Sumatra, they owe it to the world to relocate the last orangutans and tigers to safe zones–including nearby islands. Extinction is not an option. Relocating Orangutans Might Help Them Escape Land-Grab, Climate Change Orangutan populations and their habitat on Borneo and Sumatra

Orphaned Orangutans Go To Survival School

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Orangutans Scarred For Life Meet the star students of orangutan school — the unique rehab center where orphaned apes are taught how to climb trees and survive in the wild without their mom and dad. Having had a rough start in life these adorable orangutans are attending special classes at a school in West Kalimantan