Global Reforestation Requires Commitment

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Many countries have made commitments to restore huge areas of forest as part of the Bonn Challenge, organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. For example, Costa Rica has promised to preserve 1 million hectares (3,861 square miles) of forest by 2020—about 20 percent of the nation’s total area. However, a new paper

Greenwashing Sustainable Palm Oil

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Editor’s Note: Although it is possible to produce most things in a sustainable way, it’s not possible to grow large volumes of palm oil in a truly sustainable way–one that protects and promotes biodiversity. Most of these plantations are consuming a massive footprint in what used to be our tropical rain forests. In most cases, owners

Ancient Forests In Britain Face Development

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Biodiversity Schemes Raising Eyebrows Among Stakeholders  By Sian Atkinson In January, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson created waves by suggesting irreplaceable ancient woodland could be included in biodiversity offsetting schemes. But it was his hasty subsequent reassurance “there are no plans to change the current protections for ancient woodland” that led the Woodland Trust to launch Enough is Enough. Despite

International Outcry To End Biodiversity Offsets

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Biodiversity Impossible To Offset  At the opening of the World Forum on Natural Capital in Edinburgh, Scotland yesterday, 140 organizations from all over the world released a statement to say “No” to biodiversity offsetting. The statement was launched in a counter forum on Natural Commons taking place in Edinburgh at the same time. In a released statement, 140 international organizations called for end

Can Asia Pulp & Paper Become A Leader In Forest Conservation

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Deforestation Kills More Than Trees Editor’s Note: The following article is posted from Triple Pundit. It explores the turnaround of forestry giant Asia Pulp & Paper, which has been blasted for its past deforestation practices and those of its suppliers. The company is obviously talking the talk. If companies such as these don’t walk the