Industrial Logging In The U.S. Adding To Global Deforestation

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Deforestation Compounding Global Warming By Danna Smith, Executive Director, Dogwood Alliance For the last ten years or more our national climate change conversation has been dominated by the need to get off fossil fuels. And rightfully so – we do need to rapidly transition away from burning coal, gas and oil for energy if we

REDD+ Offers Hope In Battle Against Deforestation

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Innovative Conservation Models Can Refine REDD+ In December 2015, with the signing of the Paris Agreement, the nations of the world reached agreement on a historic, collective and comprehensive approach to combat climate change. The primary goal of the agreement, under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is to hold the increase

Deforestation A Crime Against Humanity

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Deforestation Kills More Than Trees By Arleen Richards, Epoch Times Ensuring deforestation is given a proper place in global climate change discussions is an ongoing goal of the New York Declaration of Forests which was formalized at last year’s U.N. Climate Summit. The Declaration—which codifies the willingness of 180 governments, companies, indigenous community networks and civil society organizations to halve natural forest

Tropical Deforestation Impacts Climate, Agriculture, Ecosystems

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Impact As Costly As Carbon From Fossil Fuels In the face of climate change, scientists often focus on the harmful effects of greenhouse gas emissions, but new research shows that tropical deforestation triggers global changes that are just as costly as carbon pollution. Clearing trees not only releases carbon into the atmosphere, adding to the greenhouse

Seeing Forests Through The Trees

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New Paradigm On Forest Conservation “FORESTS are the lungs of our land,” said Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Twenty years ago, the world’s lungs were diseased. Brazil, the country with more tropical trees than any other, was cutting down an area of forest two-thirds the size of Belgium every year. Roughly half of all the planet’s once-luxuriant

Need New Paradigm For Forest Conservation

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Deforestation Destabilizing Planet The number of major corporations making commitments to purchase certified “deforestation-free” commodities steadily has increased over the past 18 months. Kellogg’s and McDonald’s are just two recent examples of companies that have made such commitments. But will certification policies alone be enough to reduce deforestation, or should governments and corporations consider other strategies that provide incentives

Deforestation Contributing To Climate Change

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East Africa Prepared To Conserve Forests, Reforest Degraded Land When it comes to climate change, much of the conversation is limited to energy policies. Meanwhile, wholesale deforestation is releasing staggering amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every day, while eliminating nature’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the air. Deforestation impacts climate change in two

Sustainability Author, Advocate Promoting Forest Conservation

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Mother Nature Calling For Help Deforestation is out of control. Forests are going at the speed of light and so are the plants and animals that live within them. A public relations and public affairs firm from the United States (Denver, New York and Phoenix) has offered to be the hired gun for the voiceless and