China Reforestation Becoming A Global Model

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Economic Growth Has Taken Its Toll On China’s Natural Resources The Chinese government has payed close attention to ecological and environmental issues for years. Contrary to popular belief, sustainability and environmental protection are long-term strategies vital to the country’s health and wealth. China started framing environmental protection as a fundamental national policy in the 1980s.

Carbon Capture Project Ready Today

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Capturing Carbon Dioxide With Forests Forests are Mother Nature’s way of capturing carbon and turning it into a productive use. They also hold the majority of biodiversity that we depend on for a healthy ecosystem and they often are the anchors and macro filters of our watersheds. We must do what we can to stop

Coalition Working To Save Kilimanjaro Ecosystem

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Fighting Climate Change, Defending Ecosystems Mother Nature is showing her wear and tear. Climate change, pollution, deforestation, endangered species and poverty are getting worse by the day and they impact the sustainability of life as we know it. Fortunately, a massive conservation plan in East Africa is ready to make a lasting impact on all

Carbon Capture With Reforestation

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Reforestation The Only Proven Carbon Capture Option Available Editor’s Note: A solid premise, but the best way to suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is with trees and other forms of greenery.  Governments may have to extract vast amounts of greenhouse gases from the air by 2100 to achieve a target for limiting global warming, backed

Reforestation Fights Climate Change

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Forests Capture Large Volumes Of Carbon Dioxide The redwood forests have long represented Continental America, dominating the northwest coastal region with some of the world’s tallest trees resiliently living up to 2,000 years. However, America’s famous forests are not as grand as they once were. According to data from the U.S. National Park Service, “96

Fighting Climate Change, Wildlife Extinction

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Reforestation, Forest Conservation, Wildlife Conservation  Sacred Seedlings is fighting climate change, while defending ecosystems, one forest at a time. We are a reforestation and forest conservation program developed by, and for, indigenous people around the globe. Our reforestation program will help offset carbon build-up in the atmosphere and help curb climate change, while reforesting and healing the earth.