India Plants 50 Million Trees To Fight Climate Change

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Reforestation Employed To Defend Ecosystems By Brian Clark Howard, National Geographic India reports that volunteers planted 49.3 million tree saplings on July 11, shattering the previous record for most trees planted in a single day. That record was set by Pakistan in 2013 by planting 847,275 trees. A reported 800,000 volunteers from Uttar Pradesh worked for

Plan Emerges To Halt Deforestation In Liberia

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Liberia and the World Bank Will Spend Millions To Reduce Deforestation According to a Global Witness report, the plan, which uses money promised in 2014 by Norway to save Liberia’s forests, includes much needed support for communities who want to manage their forests. But the report says if Liberia is to successfully turn the page

Large Companies Prepared to Pay Price on Carbon

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Carbon Tax, Offsets Expected By Industry More than two dozen of the nation’s biggest corporations, including the five major oil companies, are planning their future growth on the expectation that the government will force them to pay a price for carbon pollution as a way to minimize climate change. The development is a striking departure from

Demand Growing For Forest Carbon Offsets

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Carbon Capture Technology Unproven, Risky Carbon finance is supporting the management of forests spanning 26.5 million hectares worldwide after businesses in 2012 invested a near-record $216 million into projects that plant trees, avoid deforestation, improve forest management, and support low-carbon agriculture. These projects, a key defense against the ecological and socio-economic impacts of climate change,

Urban Forestry Part Of Climate Solution

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Urban Forests A Shield Against Climate Change When we think of forest conservation and reforestation efforts, most people think of mountains and rainforests, but the trees in your city or town also can make a difference in many ways. In addition to the quality of life that they add visually, they can reduce energy use

Ancient Trees In Amazon Storing Tons Of Carbon

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Some Trees 1,000 Years Old Trees in the Amazon basin grow slower and are older than scientists thought, a discovery that has implications for computer models about climate change. Up to half of all trees greater than four inches (10 centimeters) in diameter in Amazon tropical forests are more than 300 years old, the study found. Some

Reforesting Ethiopian Mountains Can Boost Economy

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Reforestation Can Curb Climate Change This is a proposal to help the Government of Ethiopia to move away from subsistent to surplus production and towards integration into the global economy by demonstrating, the through modeling, the economic, financial and institutional feasibility of mountain reforestation and creation of forest/forest based industries. The main anticipated beneficiaries/ customers/investors are