Carbon Capture. Resiliency. Sustainability.

Reforestation can tackle many of the world’s most pressing issues, including climate change, poverty, biodiversity, resiliency and more. Deforestation is still taking its toll on the last forests of the world, but we can turn the tide.

Tanzania wildlife conservation

We have approved plans to plant more than 110 million new trees on millions of hectares in Tanzania and Kenya alone. We’re developing more forestry and agroforestry projects around the world, which will:

  • Absorb carbon dioxide to battle climate change;
  • Defend ecosystems and biodiversity;
  • Preserve watersheds and control flooding;
  • Preserve and create habitat for wildlife;
  • Preserve local lifestyles and cultures, while promoting sustainability; and
  • Create jobs for men and women that can help defend endangered ecosystems.

reforest Tanzania

reforestation and climate change solution

Crossbow Communications specializes in issue management and public affairs. It’s also promoting forest conservation, reforestation, sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation through its subsidiary–Sacred Seedlings. Please contact Gary Chandler at for sponsorship information.

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