New Documentary About Endangered Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorillas Hanging On By A Thread

Virunga documents the story of the real life struggles that take place in Virunga National Park located in the Congo and one of the last few safe havens of the endangered mountain gorilla species. DiCaprio is an outspoken environmentalist and is the executive producer of the movie.

mountain gorilla Virunga

“Films like Virunga are powerful stories that are a window into the incredible cultural and natural biodiversity of our world, the forces that are threatening to destroy it, and the people who are fighting to protect it,” DiCaprio said.

Virunga is just another example of Netflix competing in the movie market. The film is one of the first few movies, with more expected to follow, to be released simultaneously on Netflix and in movie theaters.

Virunga movie

Virunga has already received lots of buzz, earning 15 international film awards. The documentary film will debut in New York and Los Angeles theaters–and on Netflix–November 7.

Virunga National Park covers an area of 790,000 hectares, which comprises an outstanding diversity of habitats, ranging from swamps and steppes to the snowfields of Rwenzori at an altitude of over 5,000 meters. It also includes lava plains to the savannahs on the slopes of volcanoes. Some 20,000 hippopotamuses live in the rivers around the area.

The park lies in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the border with Uganda and Rwanda, and includes part of Lake Edward (Idi Amin), the Semliki River valley, parts of the Rwindi, Ishasha and Rutshuru valleys south of the lake, the Virunga area within the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and part of the Rwenzori range. Lake Edward belongs to the Nile river system and Lake Kivu to the Congo Basin river system.


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