India Recruiting Help With Tiger Conservation

Corporations Can Help Save Tigers

The Karnataka Eco-tourism Development Board (KEDB) has invited corporate houses, NGOs and individuals to support tiger conservation efforts as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

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“Bangalore companies have always demonstrated new possibilities to the world. I urge my corporate friends to show the world how corporate Bangalore has adopted forests and wildlife as key areas for their CSR contribution”, said B Ramanath Rai, Minister for Forests, Ecology & Environment.

The minister addressed a one-day workshop titled ‘Support the Tiger’ where ways of conserving tigers through CSR initiatives were discussed. Appreciating the Forest Department’s efforts, he added, “Clean air and water are returns of forest conservation. Sadly, we never consider our forests and wildlife as natural capital. It is time for the wealth-led economy to realize that we cannot take our natural capital for granted.”

Vinay Luthra, Principle Chief Conservator of Forests, Wildlife & CEO, KEDB, observed that tigers represent the apex of the conservation pyramid.

India tiger conservation and forest conservation

The participating tiger reserves of Bhadra, Nagarhole, Dandeli-Anshi, Bandipur and BRT  had set up stalls where delegates were briefed on what they can do towards conservation.

Conservation strategies include:

■   Support upgrading of anti-poaching camps

■   Sponsor protection vehicles for reserves

■   Contribute towards fire-fighting efforts

■   Help provide housing, drinking water and sanitation facilities for forest wardens

■   Assist with insurance schemes for temporary staff

■   Back health camps for department staffers and the backward communities in the reserves

■    Aid construction of elephant corridors

■   Facilitate relocation of willing tribals

We support this approach at Sacred Seedlings. Companies can turn forest conservation and reforestation projects into showcase opportunities that can last forever. To discuss the possibilities, please contact us.


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