Climate Change Threatens Maasai Culture Of East Africa Now

Many Forced To Abandon Cattle Culture

As we know, climate change is impacting every continent. Africa is no exception and the impact is building in East Africa, home to endangered species and endangered cultures. One of those endangered cultures is the famed Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania.

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Climate change is just the latest of many threats to the traditional culture of the pastoralists of East Africa. Unbearable changes are forcing many to abandon their old ways, as extreme weather takes its toll on one of the most efficient and resilient cultures on the planet. We all can learn from (and help) people around the world who are on the front lines of climate change today. 

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The attached video by international journalist and climate change strategist Faun Kime provides current insight into the plight of one Maasai family as they battle unusual and untimely drought, floods, erosion and other natural elements that threaten their way of life. Thanks to Faun and her hosts for producing this excellent report.

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