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Sacred Seedlings is a global coalition working to defend ecosystems and the planet for the benefit of future generations. We help local stakeholders with collaborative and inclusive planning and we help them secure the resources necessary to develop these critical plans.

Tanzania wildlife conservation

Our plans are developed and supervised by local stakeholders. Our partners are local NGOs in the countries where we work. The NGOs develop and manage the plans, budgets and local work teams. Sacred Seedlings helps find funding for these solutions through foundations, corporate sponsorships, events, merchandise, donations and carbon markets.

Sacred Seedlings is a division of Earth Tones, Inc., a Colorado-based corporation founded in 1991. Earth Tones is a pioneer in the world of environmental news, information and advocacy. The founders are veterans from the world of academia and business.

Gary R. Chandler

Gary R. Chandler, Founder and Executive Director. Chandler is founder of Earth Tones, Inc. and Crossbow Communications. Chandler is a pioneer in the world of environmental news and advocacy. He is the author and co-author of several books about endangered species, sustainability and other environmental issues.

Gary R. Chandler author and environmentalist

Indonesia forest conservation

reforestation and climate change solutions

To learn more about Sacred Seedlings and climate-change solutions that are ready today, please visit

Crossbow Communications specializes in issue management and public affairs. It’s also promoting forest conservation, reforestation, sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation through its subsidiary–Sacred Seedlings. Please contact Gary Chandler at for sponsorship information.

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