Fighting Climate Change, Wildlife Extinction

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Reforestation, Forest Conservation, Wildlife Conservation  Sacred Seedlings is fighting climate change, while defending ecosystems, one forest at a time. We are a reforestation and forest conservation program developed by, and for, indigenous people around the globe. Our reforestation program will help offset carbon build-up in the atmosphere and help curb climate change, while reforesting and healing the earth.

Reforesting Uganda’s Nile Basin

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World Bank Tests Reforestation Model With a growing demand for wood products, Uganda must expand its wood resources substantially to reduce the strong pressure on the remaining natural forests. Uganda has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world at approximately 2.7 percent per year. Only a few thousand hectares of timber plantations remain,

Urban Forestry Can Mitigate Climate Change

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Urban Canopy Makes Cities More Efficient, Resilient Urban forests will play an even more important role as we seek solutions to maximize the quality of life in our cities, while reducing energy consumption and maximizing the uptake of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants. Sacred Seedlings is a reforestation (including urban areas) and carbon offset

The High Cost of Cheap Biofuels

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Palm Oil Plantations Killing Endangered Species By Tom KnudsonAs a child, Matt Aman grew up in the lush tropical lowland rainforest of Sumatra. Tigers padded through the underbrush, rarely seen and silent as shadows. “It made my skin prickle,” the indigenous leader recalled recently as he sat on the floor of a stick hut surrounded

MentorNet Picked To Host Sacred Seedlings’ Network

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Hosting Sustainability Program, Driving Online Campaigns Sacred Seedlings announced its new alliance with MentorNet, a leading provider of online commerce and marketing services. The two companies will help raise millions of dollars for global reforestation and forest conservation. The initiative will fight climate change and help save wildlife habitat. Denver-based MentorNet is now hosting the

Coca-Cola Company Commits To Reforestation In Mexico

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30 Million New Trees Planted In Mexico In 2007, Coca-Cola de México committed to a five-year partnership with Pronatura and the Mexico National Forestry Commission (Conafor) to plant 30 million trees in deforested lands throughout Mexico. The goals are: to support climate protection through the recovery of Mexican forests and restoration of forest ecosystems; to

Ancient Trees In Amazon Storing Tons Of Carbon

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Some Trees 1,000 Years Old Trees in the Amazon basin grow slower and are older than scientists thought, a discovery that has implications for computer models about climate change. Up to half of all trees greater than four inches (10 centimeters) in diameter in Amazon tropical forests are more than 300 years old, the study found. Some

Reforesting Ethiopian Mountains Can Boost Economy

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Reforestation Can Curb Climate Change This is a proposal to help the Government of Ethiopia to move away from subsistent to surplus production and towards integration into the global economy by demonstrating, the through modeling, the economic, financial and institutional feasibility of mountain reforestation and creation of forest/forest based industries. The main anticipated beneficiaries/ customers/investors are

Historic Trees Help Preserve The Past, Protect Our Future

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Trees Help Keep History Alive A unique tree-planting program would like to put a piece of history in your yard. The Famous & Historic Tree Program is an environmental education concept combining contemporary conservation with our nation’s heritage. Young trees that are direct descendants of trees planted by – or associated with – George Washington, Betsy