Ecosystems Collapsing In Face Of Climate Change

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Millions Of Lives Depend On Ecosystems Under Siege Some of the world’s most iconic ecosystems are collapsing due to climate change and human encroachment, which, in turn, is contributing to more climate change. Collapse of one ecosystem will contribute to the collapse of the next. As human refugees escape one danger zone, they will contribute

Orangutan Conservationists Can’t Stop Deforestation

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Sustainable Palm Oil Wiping Out Biodiversity A population trend analysis of Bornean orangutans reveals that, despite decades of conservation work, the species is declining rapidly – at a rate of 25 percent over the past 10 years. University of Queensland School of Biological Sciences researcher Dr Truly Santika, an Indonesian statistician and researcher at the

Forest Conservation A Rising Priority In Gabon

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Gabon Will Conserve Rain Forests Gabon has signed an $18 million deal with donors to tackle deforestation and cut its carbon emissions by half as part of a wider plan to protect the tropical forests of the Congo Basin. One of the world’s most forested countries, Gabon is the second African nation, after the Democratic

EU Considering Palm-Oil Boycott To Curb Deforestation

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Deforestation Driving Climate Change, Extinction Indonesia and Malaysia, which produce more than 80 percent of the world’s palm oil, are resisting proposals by European parliamentarians that could limit their access to the second biggest palm oil market after India. Government ministers from Malaysia and Indonesia, along with some regional palm oil producers, met in Jakarta

Palm Oil Plantations vs. Biodiversity

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Palm Oil Plantations Do Not Tolerate Wildlife By Melati Kaye, Scientific American and Mongabay I have been hiking through an oil palm plantation in Borneo for hours but have yet to see a single oil palm. Instead, mahogany and other native tree species tower overhead. Mushrooms, flowers and huge pitcher plants line my trail, uniquely

Indonesia Vows To Fight Deforestation

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Bans New Palm Oil Plantations By Ben Otto, Wall Street Journal Indonesia will temporarily bar new palm oil and mining operations to help protect the country’s vast tropical forests following international criticism over its environmental stewardship. A spokesman for Indonesian President Joko Widodo said on Friday that the ban would likely take effect this year and

Rainforest Destruction Driven By Commodities

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Fewer Than 10 Percent Of Major Corporations Have Policies Against Deforestation The world’s rainforests have been decimated over the past 20 years. The destruction is accelerating again as corporations are waving false flags of sustainability. The Global Canopy Programme’s Forest 500, the world’s first rainforest ratings agency that analyses the most influential companies, investors and

Deforestation A Crime Against Humanity

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Deforestation Kills More Than Trees By Arleen Richards, Epoch Times Ensuring deforestation is given a proper place in global climate change discussions is an ongoing goal of the New York Declaration of Forests which was formalized at last year’s U.N. Climate Summit. The Declaration—which codifies the willingness of 180 governments, companies, indigenous community networks and civil society organizations to halve natural forest

Investors, Stakeholders Demand Reforms In Palm Oil Industry

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Editorial Note: The following development is good news for the last forests, but it doesn’t appear to address the issue of endangered species and biodiversity. That is one of the weak links in the current RSPO scheme of smoke and mirrors. Presently, palm growers and buyers can kill endangered species and still conform. They have

Agriculture Subsidies Driving Deforestation

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Governments Undermining Economics Of Forest Conservation By Allie Goldstein, Ecosystem Marketplace The race against deforestation is being won or lost hectare by hectare in the tropical rainforest countries that also provide the majority of the world’s agricultural commodities. But subsidies for commodities that drive deforestation may be undermining the efficacy of financial incentives for conserving