European Nations Ban Palm Oil From Biofuels

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Deforestation Fueling Global Warming, Extinction Deforestation is one of the largest contributors to global warming, climate change and the extinction of endangered species. The conversion of ancient rainforests into plantations for commodities, including palm plantations, is the driving factor behind deforestation. Global tree cover loss reached a record 29.7 million hectares (73.4 million acres) in

Palm Oil Production An Environmental Disaster

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Carbon Models Missed Many Metrics  By Abrahm Lustgarten. This article is a partnership between ProPublica, where Abrahm Lustgarten is a senior reporter, and The New York Times Magazine. In addition to the contribution to global warming, palm oil production is driving the extinction of the orangutan and Sumatran tiger. Indonesia has already pushed the Bali tiger

Industrial Logging In The U.S. Adding To Global Deforestation

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Deforestation Compounding Global Warming By Danna Smith, Executive Director, Dogwood Alliance For the last ten years or more our national climate change conversation has been dominated by the need to get off fossil fuels. And rightfully so – we do need to rapidly transition away from burning coal, gas and oil for energy if we

Colombians Sue Government To Protect Amazon Rainforest

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National Peace Unleashed War On Forests By Naomi Larsson, Huffington Post Arvey Alvear Daza’s life has been dominated by fear for most of his 37 years. A farmer in Caquetá, a district in southern Colombia, his land on the northwestern edge of the Amazon rainforest placed him in the middle of a decades-long conflict between the

Europe Losing Appetite For Palm Oil

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EU Targeting Biofuel Applications The latest European Union plan to ban palm oil has been defeated, but the anti-palm oil forces in Europe have only just begun. The different lawmaking arms of the EU — the European Commission, Parliament and the Council — recently reached a compromise on the bloc’s revised renewable energy regulations, known

North Korea Planning Reforestation

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Deforestation Earns Death Sentence Between 1990 and 2005, North Korea lost 25 percent of its forest cover, or around 2 million hectares, which is the highest rate among countries in East Asia. Cultivation, logging, and natural disasters have all put pressure on North Korea’s forests. During the economic crisis of the 1990s, deforestation accelerated, as people

Wildlife Sanctuary Revived Through Reforestation

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Couple Invests 26 Years In Reforestation Deforestation threatens life as we know it. A husband and wife team in India has drawn a line in the dirt to promote reforestation and biodiversity. Pamela Gale Malhotra and her husband, Anil Malhotra, own Sai Sanctuary, the only private wildlife sanctuary in India and have been replanting and

Brazil Can Save Amazon And Economy

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Rainforest Destruction Not Enriching Brazil Many scientists blame deforestation, generated in large part by agriculture, for global climate change and disrupted rain patterns in the Amazon. Clearing Amazonian forest to create new pastures is illegal now in Brazil, but a cash-strapped government is struggling to enforce the law. The Brazilian Amazon demonstrates that environmental destruction

Colombian Government Ordered To Protect Forests

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Top Court Demands Halt To Amazon Deforestation By Anastasia Moloney, Thomson Reuters Foundation Colombia’s highest court told the government to take urgent action to protect its Amazon rainforest and stem rising deforestation, in what campaigners said was an historic moment that should help conserve forests and counter climate change. In their ruling on Thursday, the

Malaysia, Indonesia Denounce Ban On Palm Oil In Biofuels

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Short-Term Gains Driving Biodiversity Into History Found in everything from shampoo to donuts, palm oil is now the most common vegetable oil in the world—and also one of the world’s leading deforestation drivers. It’s also being used to fuel our automobiles. The controversial product has given new meaning to the old campaign sloga, “put a tiger