Deforestation Killing More Than Trees

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Forest Conservation, Reforestation Can Mitigate Climate Change Forest conservation is critical to life as we know it. Forests sequester carbon and release oxygen. They influence rainfall, filter fresh water and prevent flooding and soil erosion. They produce wild foods, fuelwood and medicines. While the pressures on our vanishing forests vary around the world, the biggest cause

Deforestation Surging Again In Amazon Basin

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Deforestation In Brazil Not Expected To Stop The Brazilian government estimates that the rate of deforestation in the Amazon has increased by 29 percent over last year. That’s the second year in a row that deforestation in the Amazon accelerated. Last year, the pace rose by about 24 percent. The estimated deforestation rate, released Tuesday by

India Plants 50 Million Trees To Fight Climate Change

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Reforestation Employed To Defend Ecosystems By Brian Clark Howard, National Geographic India reports that volunteers planted 49.3 million tree saplings on July 11, shattering the previous record for most trees planted in a single day. That record was set by Pakistan in 2013 by planting 847,275 trees. A reported 800,000 volunteers from Uttar Pradesh worked for

China Reforestation Becoming A Global Model

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Economic Growth Has Taken Its Toll On China’s Natural Resources The Chinese government has payed close attention to ecological and environmental issues for years. Contrary to popular belief, sustainability and environmental protection are long-term strategies vital to the country’s health and wealth. China started framing environmental protection as a fundamental national policy in the 1980s.

Deforestation Taking Toll On Pakistan

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Floods, Landslides Killing Citizens National Assembly members hit out at the Climate Change Ministry’s forest wing and provincial forest departments for failing to control deforestation. At a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Climate Change held at the Parliament House on Friday under the chair of MNA Hafeez-ur-Rehman Khan Drishak, the parliamentarians said

India Failing To Conserve Forests, Biodiversity

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Deforestation Threatens Life Across Asia As national action on climate change accelerates and corporate agendas turn to energy efficiency and deployment of renewables to reduce carbon footprints, the International Day of Forests on March 21 offers a timely reminder of a crucial, but often overlooked ally in this effort. Over the last few decades, forests

Plans Sought For Africa’s Great Green Wall

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Plan To Tackle Poverty, Deforestation The Great Green Wall initiative is a pan-African proposal to “green” the continent from west to east in order to battle desertification. It aims at tackling poverty and the degradation of soils in the Sahel-Saharan region, focusing on a strip of land of 15 km (9 mi) wide and 7,100 km (4,400

Forest Conservation, Reforestation Urged To Fight Climate Change

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North American Forests Part Of The Solution To Global Warming Today, the Forest Climate Working Group (FCWG), a coalition of landowners, conservation organizations, forestry advocates, forest products companies and scientists delivered a letter to President Obama calling for increased recognition of the critical role American forests must play in meeting our greenhouse gas reduction targets,

African Forestry Projects Can Defend People, Wildlife, Watersheds

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AFR100 Initiative Will Restore 100 Million Hectares Of Forest By 2030 More than a dozen African countries have joined an “unprecedented” $1.6bn (£1bn) initiative to boost development and fight climate change by restoring 100m hectares (247m acres) of forest across the continent over the next 15 years. The African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative – known

Rainforest Destruction Driven By Commodities

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Fewer Than 10 Percent Of Major Corporations Have Policies Against Deforestation The world’s rainforests have been decimated over the past 20 years. The destruction is accelerating again as corporations are waving false flags of sustainability. The Global Canopy Programme’s Forest 500, the world’s first rainforest ratings agency that analyses the most influential companies, investors and