Palm Oil Plantations vs. Biodiversity

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Palm Oil Plantations Do Not Tolerate Wildlife By Melati Kaye, Scientific American and Mongabay I have been hiking through an oil palm plantation in Borneo for hours but have yet to see a single oil palm. Instead, mahogany and other native tree species tower overhead. Mushrooms, flowers and huge pitcher plants line my trail, uniquely

Indonesia Vows To Fight Deforestation

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Bans New Palm Oil Plantations By Ben Otto, Wall Street Journal Indonesia will temporarily bar new palm oil and mining operations to help protect the country’s vast tropical forests following international criticism over its environmental stewardship. A spokesman for Indonesian President Joko Widodo said on Friday that the ban would likely take effect this year and

Plans Sought For Africa’s Great Green Wall

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Plan To Tackle Poverty, Deforestation The Great Green Wall initiative is a pan-African proposal to “green” the continent from west to east in order to battle desertification. It aims at tackling poverty and the degradation of soils in the Sahel-Saharan region, focusing on a strip of land of 15 km (9 mi) wide and 7,100 km (4,400

Illegal Logging Declared Threat To National Security In Romania

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Forest Conservation In Europe An Historic Disaster Romania has 65 percent of the virgin forests in existence in Europe. Only 20 percent of those forests are included in national parks and protected by law. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis signed a law on Monday that defends illegal logging and any action which endangers the country’s water,

African Forestry Projects Can Defend People, Wildlife, Watersheds

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AFR100 Initiative Will Restore 100 Million Hectares Of Forest By 2030 More than a dozen African countries have joined an “unprecedented” $1.6bn (£1bn) initiative to boost development and fight climate change by restoring 100m hectares (247m acres) of forest across the continent over the next 15 years. The African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative – known

Logging Taking Toll On Alaska’s Tongass Wolves

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Tongass National Forest Shredded By Clear-Cutting Editor’s Note: Thanks to William Yardley of the LA Times and also to the SitNews in Alaska for their excellent reporting on this topic. We pieced work from both sources for this post. Links to both sources follow. Wolves in the Tongass National Forest, in southeast Alaska, are making

Community Empowerment Can Reduce Elephant Poaching

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Community Conservation Strategies Can Save Wildlife By James Kariuki Establishment of community wildlife conservancies is the best solution for reducing elephant poaching in Northern Kenya, says a new study. Community involvement would create understanding among pastoral communities that wildlife conservations can bring in the much needed revenue for funding development projects, says the study published

India Estimates Economic Value Of Remaining Forests

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Deforestation Killing More Than Trees Editor’s Note: It’s amazing to me that intelligent nations have overlooked the importance of forest conservation in our own survival. It doesn’t matter if you believe in god, science or both, forests and biodiversity are here for a reason. Plundering these resources for the short-term economic gain of private interests

Wyss Foundation Will Defend Elephants, Rhinos

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$6 Million To Fight Poaching In East Africa Since its founding in 1998, the Wyss Foundation has been known for its conservation grants, but until recent years, the awards have primarily reflected founder Hansjörg Wyss’ personal experience in the American wilds. Wyss, though, has plenty of resources to branch out into new areas of giving and perhaps feels some urgency to

Tropical Deforestation Gaining Momentum

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Satellite Data Refutes U.N. Reports Tropical forests from Indonesia to the Amazon are being lost an astonishing rate, with a new study suggesting deforestation has intensified 62 percent in just 20 years. The study also calls into question a more optimistic picture from U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s assessment, which found the rate of deforestation