Global Reforestation Requires Commitment

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Many countries have made commitments to restore huge areas of forest as part of the Bonn Challenge, organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. For example, Costa Rica has promised to preserve 1 million hectares (3,861 square miles) of forest by 2020—about 20 percent of the nation’s total area. However, a new paper

Malaysia, Indonesia Denounce Ban On Palm Oil In Biofuels

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Short-Term Gains Driving Biodiversity Into History Found in everything from shampoo to donuts, palm oil is now the most common vegetable oil in the world—and also one of the world’s leading deforestation drivers. It’s also being used to fuel our automobiles. The controversial product has given new meaning to the old campaign sloga, “put a tiger

Natural Systems The Best Defense Against Climate Change

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Study Highlights Ecosystems As Key Strategy Though his business card says Director of Forest Carbon Science at The Nature Conservancy, Bronson Griscom introduces himself as an ecological accountant. Griscom radiates an optimism somewhat rare in seasoned environmentalists, especially when he discusses the “carbon economy” of nature: the everyday role that trees, grasslands and coastal habitats

Ecosystems Collapsing In Face Of Climate Change

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Millions Of Lives Depend On Ecosystems Under Siege Some of the world’s most iconic ecosystems are collapsing due to climate change and human encroachment, which, in turn, is contributing to more climate change. Collapse of one ecosystem will contribute to the collapse of the next. As human refugees escape one danger zone, they will contribute

Orangutan Conservationists Can’t Stop Deforestation

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Sustainable Palm Oil Wiping Out Biodiversity A population trend analysis of Bornean orangutans reveals that, despite decades of conservation work, the species is declining rapidly – at a rate of 25 percent over the past 10 years. University of Queensland School of Biological Sciences researcher Dr Truly Santika, an Indonesian statistician and researcher at the

EU Considering Palm-Oil Boycott To Curb Deforestation

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Deforestation Driving Climate Change, Extinction Indonesia and Malaysia, which produce more than 80 percent of the world’s palm oil, are resisting proposals by European parliamentarians that could limit their access to the second biggest palm oil market after India. Government ministers from Malaysia and Indonesia, along with some regional palm oil producers, met in Jakarta

International Day Of Forests Promotes Conservation

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Deforestation Threatens Biodiversity Today is the International Day of Forests. Deforestation is a major contributor to global warming, wildlife extinction, droughts and other threats to life as we know it. Forests are the most biologically-diverse ecosystems on land, and home to more than 80 percent of all known terrestrial species of animals and plants. They

PR Firm Launches Campaign To Defend Ecosystems

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Deforestation Promoting Climate Change, Loss Of Biodiversity Deforestation generates about 20 percent of greenhouse gasses, which contribute to global warming and climate change. Deforestation also cripples our planet’s ability to filter carbon dioxide from our air. Unfortunately, deforestation also threatens entire watersheds, endangered species and endangered cultures around the world. An international PR firm based in Phoenix, Arizona has

CITES Fails On Elephant Conservation

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Nations Fail To Give Elephants Maximum Legal Protections Africa has lost more than a third of its wild elephants to poachers in the past decade. The next decade might be their last without global interventions. Unfortunately, a bid to give the highest level of international legal protection to all African elephants was defeated on Monday

African Elephant Census Paints Bleak Picture

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The Push Toward Extinction Gaining Momentum Results of a new survey reveal that Africa’s savannah elephants are going fast. The Great Elephant Census estimates that about 352,000 elephants remain—down from previous estimates of 419,000 to 650,000 elephants in 2013. The authors estimate that they recorded 93 percent of all savannah elephants. Elephants in Africa are threatened