Colombians Sue Government To Protect Amazon Rainforest

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National Peace Unleashed War On Forests By Naomi Larsson, Huffington Post Arvey Alvear Daza’s life has been dominated by fear for most of his 37 years. A farmer in Caquetá, a district in southern Colombia, his land on the northwestern edge of the Amazon rainforest placed him in the middle of a decades-long conflict between the

Brazil Can Save Amazon And Economy

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Rainforest Destruction Not Enriching Brazil Many scientists blame deforestation, generated in large part by agriculture, for global climate change and disrupted rain patterns in the Amazon. Clearing Amazonian forest to create new pastures is illegal now in Brazil, but a cash-strapped government is struggling to enforce the law. The Brazilian Amazon demonstrates that environmental destruction

Colombian Government Ordered To Protect Forests

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Top Court Demands Halt To Amazon Deforestation By Anastasia Moloney, Thomson Reuters Foundation Colombia’s highest court told the government to take urgent action to protect its Amazon rainforest and stem rising deforestation, in what campaigners said was an historic moment that should help conserve forests and counter climate change. In their ruling on Thursday, the

Deforestation Surging Again In Amazon Basin

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Deforestation In Brazil Not Expected To Stop The Brazilian government estimates that the rate of deforestation in the Amazon has increased by 29 percent over last year. That’s the second year in a row that deforestation in the Amazon accelerated. Last year, the pace rose by about 24 percent. The estimated deforestation rate, released Tuesday by

Norway Paying Brazil For Slowing Deforestation

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Deforestation In Amazon Rising Again The Norwegian government has fulfilled its billion dollar commitment to Brazil for the South American country’s success in reducing deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. In a statement issued Wednesday, Norway announced it would complete payment to Brazil’s Amazon Fund by the end of the year. Norwegian Minister of Climate and

Reforestation A Priority In Ecuador

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Reforestation Plan Yields World Record Planting more than 600,000 trees across almost 2,000 hectares, Ecuador has broken the Guinness record for reforestation efforts. Targelia Mauha was one of the over 44,000 citizens who participated in this historic endeavor, which is part of larger state priority to protect the environment and honor the constitutional rights secured for

Commodity Boom Driving Deforestation

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Industry Exploiting Resources At All Costs By Nick Miroff, Washington Post A commodity boom has pulled millions of people out of poverty across South America over the past decade. It also unleashed a scramble for oil, minerals and cropland that is accelerating deforestation and fueling a new wave of land conflicts from Colombia to Chile. Now,

More Murder In The Rainforest

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Defender Of Ecuador’s Indigenous Rights Killed By Alexander Zaitchik At the latest climate change talks, indigenous tribes showed again that they’re frontline allies in the fight against deforestation and global warming. So why aren’t we protecting them? A dark piece of news emerged at the U.N. climate talks in Lima. The body of José Isidro Tendetza Antún, a leading

Latin American Countries Will Restore 20 Million Hectares Of Forest

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Eight South American Countries Promise To Restore Damaged Lands A coalition of eight Latin American countries just announced plans to replant up to 20 million hectares of forests by 2020, an area five times the size of Switzerland. Unfortunately, Brazil was not on the list. Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Chile and Costa Rica

Peru Must Honor Promise To Return Forests To Indigenous Tribes

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Indigenous Communities Promised Millions Of Acres In 2008 Decades of illegal gold mining have destroyed large expanses of virgin Peruvian rainforest into polluted wastelands. Excavations to separate gold flecks from tons of earth have left holes big enough to swallow a half-dozen buses. Excavations to separate gold flecks from tons of earth created holes big enough to swallow a half-dozen