Asia Pulp and Paper Declares End To Deforestation

Editor’s Note: We aren’t endorsing or arguing with the statement. The fact is that APP is large. They have impacted our planet with deforestation. Even talking about that problem is groundbreaking for the company. To talk about new policies is even more newsworthy. Hopefully, APP will lead others in the industry toward reform and reforestation. 

Deforestation Major Contributor To Climate Change

After years of mounting criticism and boycotts launched on its customers, Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP) just announced an immediate end to deforestation across its entire supply chain in Indonesia. All of APP’s suppliers have suspended natural forest clearance, while independent assessments take place to identify areas of high conservation value that will be protected through a long-term management program.

Indonesia forest fires palm oil plantations

High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessments undertaken by The Forest Trust (TFT) will identify all forested areas, enabling APP to ensure that future plantation development does not take place in virgin forests. APP announced the new Forest Conservation policy February 5th, during the latest quarterly update of its ‘Vision 2020’ Sustainability Roadmap, published in June 2012. Initially, APP’s Sustainability Roadmap established a plan for APP to implement High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) principles and end natural forest clearance across its entire supply chain by 2015. It’s latest announcement will accelerate that objective.

APP has said that the HCVF and HCS policies will be applied immediately to any further expansion or development of its business. The company invites third parties to participate in a monitoring program to ensure that these commitments are being implemented.

“This is a major commitment and investment from APP Group. We are doing this for the sustainability of our business and for the benefit of society. We hope our stakeholders will support our new Policy, help us along the way and urge other industry players to follow,” said Teguh Ganda Wijaya, Chairman of the APP Group. “APP is a world leader in the pulp and paper business, and we will act as leaders are expected to do.”

“Sinar Mas Forestry is completely committed to the implementation of our new forest conservation policy across our whole supply chain. It will present challenges for our suppliers, but I am confident that with support of our stakeholders across government and civil society, we can ensure its success,” said Mr. Robin Mailoa, CEO of Sinar Mas Forestry.

deforestation and climate change

“APP has today committed to protect all natural forests across its supply chain as part of its plans to support the Government of Indonesia’s low carbon development strategy for our economy,” said Ms. Aida Greenbury, APP Managing Director for Sustainability. “Our new Forest Conservation Policy sets our company on course to be a leading world-class paper company solely based on sustainable plantation sources.”

APP has also committed to expand its policies on social issues, particularly with respect to the ‘Free and Prior Informed Consent’ of indigenous peoples and local communities where new developments are taking place.

APP will consult with NGOs and other stakeholders to ensure that its protocols and procedures for FPIC and conflict resolution are in accordance with international best practice. APP is currently undertaking a process of social mapping across its supply chain in Indonesia, identifying areas where conflict resolution is a priority. “APP’s shift towards a policy of No Deforestation is hugely significant.

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As the largest forest product business in an extremely sensitive area, APP is now in a position of leadership, a stunning reversal in light of its past reputation. The new APP Forest Conservation Policy de-links the company from natural forest destruction and recognizes the rights of indigenous and local communities. In so doing, APP has set a benchmark for others to follow.

The APP Group of companies is one of the world’s largest pulp and paper companies. For more information about the APP Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020, please visit 

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